July 25, 2008

Photos du Jour - Pizza Oven

Our friends bought an enormous wood fired pizza oven and hosted a Make Your Own Pizza Party.

It was just like being in Italy! Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Fantastic...and just look at that pizza, couldn;t get any more rustic if you tried...bet it was tasty!!!!

spacedlaw said...

I am dreaming of having one of these, of course. Although my Italian designed oven does have a pizza program on it that will bring the ventilated heat up to 250 degrees.
The pizzas turn out very nice... but without this unique wood oven taste (which they tell us is carcinogenic but still well worth it - and besides you'd have to eat a massive dose of those pizza every day to suffer at all).

Sweet Tooth said...

You ave great friends :-). The pizza looks really good. One more thing on my wishlist (daydreaming though).


croquecamille said...

Oh, awesome! I dream of having such a pizza oven in my own backyard someday...

wcs said...

I want one! How many millions of euros did that set them back?

I, too, make pizza in the oven, with a pizza stone, at 250ºC. Not bad, but not flavored like one baked in a wood-fired stove.

The only downside I see is: winter.

Loulou said...

it was sublime! I loved the really burnt bits. :)

I would love an oven like that! If we ever replace ours I'll have to bring one over from Italy.

we do have great friends! And we love their new pizza oven.

I saw one on Sur la Table's website (or was is Williams-Sonoma?) for $1000. If you have the money and the garden space, it might be worth it! :)

I gave my pizza stone to a friend before we moved to France. Did you buy yours here? I would love to have another as I think they are great.
I think it was expensive but can't remember how much. I think he may have bought it in Spain. We're only an hour and 15 minutes to the border.

Our Juicy Life said...

oh my, that looks so good. What a treat.

wcs said...

Our pizza stone(s) came from California. I looked into getting one here and there is a place on the web where you can buy them and the price is very reasonable. Look for pierre à pizza in Google France (I can't remember the site address).

Betty C. said...

I was wondering if these friends were French. That pizza looks fantastic.

Loulou said...

our juicy life
It was delicious! We hope they have another pizza party soon.


No, not French. They are from England and Scotland.