July 10, 2008

Photo du Jour

A pool with a vineyard view.

Unfortunately it isn't ours! Pin It


dale sevig said...

where do you find all the cheeses you try - does the farmer sent you samples or you buy from stores? most decent sized markets have a good selection we found or at weekly markets.

I see small vintners are rioting in your area over the depressed price and demand for wine - too bad for them!!

winedeb said...

Who would not want to live there!

Alison said...

My ex's godfather is about to inaugurate his new pool in O****. Knowing the property, I imagine there is a vue sur les vignes. Sigh.

wcs said...

That looks inviting. I wouldn't want to do the maintenance, though! ;) Must have a pool guy.

Loulou said...

I go to the local weekly markets, the covered market in town, to Fromageries and sometimes find local cheeses at little, locally owned grocery stores.
The farmers have never sent me samples. I suppose I could contact some farmers and see if they could.

Yes, the local vignerons are upset by how little they are paid for their wine. Every year there is a small uprising and then it calms down.

Are you in France?

It is a beautiful spot!

I'm sure there is, since O**** is surrounded by vines. Pretty hard to get away from them around here!

No, our friends with pools spend a lot of time cleaning and treating them. Better to have friends with swimming pools! :)