July 28, 2008

Photo du Jour - It's a Boy!

I heard the plaintive mewing coming from behind the giant barn doors early Thursday morning. It went on all day then finally stopped in the early evening. Phew, I thought, mama had come to rescue its baby.
At midnight the mewing had started again and I just happened to see one of the family members who own the barn while he was out walking his dogs. He got the giant keys to open the giant doors and we searched under the huge wine vats, finally spotting this teeny tiny black thing tucked into a corner surrounded by enormous spider webs.
He wanted nothing to do with it so I gathered it up and brought it home. We made up the cat crate with warm towels and a hot water bottle and left it to sleep. The next morning our vet told us that it is a mere two weeks old, a boy and that our only option if we didn't want to keep it or find it a home is to take it to the local SPCA. Well, I'm not about to leave a two week old kitten at the SPCA. There's no guarantee that he won't be euthanized if he isn't adopted.
So, I bought a can of infant kitten formula and a little baby bottle and brought him home. He eats every 3-4 hours and we have to teach him to use the litter box. So far, so good. He's a smart little guy. (he obviously takes after me)

The intention is to find him a home and we already have friends who are interested. But yesterday my husband decided to name him.
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Veronica said...

ohh, what a cutie! I agree with you about the SPA. I also suspect that naming him is a very strong sign that you won't be saying goodbye to him any time soon :-) But it's a privilege to share your life with a cat.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How cute..yes veronica is right, can;t see this little cutie leaving home yet!!

Anonymous said...

A bottle-fed kitten is the most affectionate cat. He will forever be your special one. I am in the business (volunteerism) of rescuing animals - dogs or cats.

john said...

The Frenchman will think you are mad for keeping him!

Lucy's Kitchen Notebook said...

What a cutie!

Loulou said...

He's too little to give up to just anyone.
Unfortunately, our other cat isn't too happy at the moment. I hope she'll come around.

no, me neither! :)

He will be a wonderful family pet, that's for sure.

I know, but they think we Americans are a bit crazy anyway! :)

I thought of you when I found him. I know you are missing Sissy. Will you get another cat?

Anonymous said...

So cute! If I wasn't in Paris, and already trying to get my previously indoor/outdoor cat to adjust to her new tiny apartment, I'd take him home in an instant!

katiez said...

Uh-oh is right....
Mon mari is talking about getting a 'wild' cat to keep the mice down in our new barn... I know it would be in the house with a basket and litter box in no time....
Your other cat will come around ;-)

spacedlaw said...

Ahaha! The process sounds familiar.
I think you can consider that kitty as a family member. Every one loves a kitty but rarely want to adopt them.
And at the SPA he could indeed end up being euthanised, this being holiday period and all.
He is cute and rescued kittens are usually very affectionate.
Our senior female cat wasn't happy with any of the stray kittens we adopted (or was it the other way around and they adopted us?) but she eventually came around, the disgruntled prima donna.

wcs said...

Oh no! Remember what happened when you named the snails? You ended up not eating them. Er... uh...

Never mind.

Veronica said...

Yes, your cat is bound to be cross about the intruder, but I'm sure she'll come round; most cats do, as long as they don't feel neglected! Our cat *really* hates other cats unfortunately, and attacks any that dare to intrude on "his" territory -- I'd love another cat!

Loulou said...

We're definitely becoming more smitten with this kitten.

The other cat has stopped hissing at me and is only hissing at the kitten. We'll give it another week and maybe she'll come around.

We don't think he would have survived a stay at the SPA.
I hope the other cat learns to love him. I thought her motherly instincts would have kicked in by now.

very funny

I've been giving her a lot of attention in the hopes that she'll feel comfortable with the new arrival.
We don't let him run around the house yet as the dogs try to herd him. I've never seen chihuahuas herding a cat before. Things are weird around our house right now! :)