July 1, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - L'Ecir en Aubrac


This week's cheese for la Fête du Fromage was B O R I N G!

I mean, it was pleasant enough, just not great. If you like soft, very mild, slightly honey and grassy flavored, young, unpasteurized cow's milk cheese, then you'll probably like L'Ecir en Aubrac. To me, it seemed lacking in character.

Ironic, isn't it? Last week I was lamenting over the super strong flavor of le Cados. Now this week I'm complaining about L'Ecir en Aubrac being too mild.

fickle fickle
(at least it wasn't flavorless like Bergues)

Some facts about l'Ecir en Aubrac:
  • It was created by Jean-Marie Cayla in 1987 on his family farm. In 1996 he partnered with Vincent Alazard and the farm now produces on average, 1000 small cheeses a day.
  • It is named for l'ecir, the frigid, northern wind that blows across the high plains of the Aubrac plateau in the Aveyron, where the cheese is produced.
  • It is made from the raw milk of the Aubrac et Simmental breeds of cattle.
  • Good wine matches would be a white Viognier or a hearty red Fitou or Faugères

This was a young piece so maybe I should have tasted a more mature version? Maybe I was having an off day?
It doesn't matter, I think it deserves another chance. Pin It
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