July 15, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - Fouettard Claquemolle

(Update: This is actually called La Lauze. There was a bit of confusion with the cheese seller at the market)

Voilà! This week's cheese. Fouettard Claquemolle.

Quel nom!
Et quel fromage!

This is another gorgeous cheese from La Ferme de Roquecave, near Ferrals les Montagnes in the Montagne Noire. We tasted their chèvre in April on La Fête du Fromage's one year anniversary.

This is an unpasteurized goat's milk cheese that is as fermier as you can get.
It had a seductive, sweet, grassy meadow aroma and a mild flavor that was a delicious mix of mushroom and yeast. You just knew this cheese was perfectly ripe! And the flavor wasn't overly goaty, which I found appealing.

The edible exterior was firm with a chalky texture, and as soon as the knife sliced into the cheese, its creamy center oozed out onto the plate. (I'm drooling at the memory)

All in all, Fouettard Claquemolle was an exquisite cheese. I just wish I had asked where that name came from...
A fouettard is a whip but what does claquemolle mean? Can anyone help?
We spread it on some fresh bread and drank some local, Minervois red with it, which seemed to be a perfect match.
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