June 21, 2008

Photo du Jour - Escargots

My evening of snail collecting yielded only eight snails.
It was still too warm outside but I wasn't about to wander around the garden in the dark with a flashlight. I probably would have stepped on more than I collected!

I'll give them fresh fennel fronds and parsley later today and keep them away from our cat. She's freaked out by them! Pin It


Riana Lagarde said...

I forgot to give ours water, so they died in our cheese house. my french handbook "elevage des escargots" says to give them thyme too because its an anti-viral and anti-bacterial. bon chance

Scintilla said...

Oooh are you going to cook them?
Escargots are common meal in Luxembourg but not something I can face eating.

Loulou said...

I gave them some water after reading on a site that they should have some - I would probably have forgotten!
Thyme, huh? Sounds like a great idea.
I wonder if lemon thyme would be as good?

Yes, we are! If I don't get too attached and let them go...
I used to eat them in America in fancy restaurants and loved them. Haven't had escargots in years and I figured since there are so many in our garden, I may as well take advantage of that.

isabella said...

...and let this be a warning to all of you invited chez loulou "for dinner" - if she feeds you fennel and parsley, run for your life! ;-)

Kirstin said...

The escargots raising process is completely new to me. Is it common that French families who prepare snails pluck them from their own garden? Makes since, but I'm clueless. And i love the idea of feeding them fennel, so they'll be so sweet and succulent.

Loulou said...

yes, better watch out if you get an invitation!

when it was raining the other day our neighbor was walking around the village and in the vineyards collecting them. People take them from their gardens, the side of the road, public land...anywhere the snails congregate.
I agree about the fennel. Our neighbor gave me that idea. I also wondered about cilantro, but the snails in our garden mowed down our cilantro plant last week. (I'm taking my revenge!) :)

winedeb said...

Looking forward to the meal! I didn't know that you kept them for a week and they dined on such great greens!

wcs said...

Yum! The best excuse in the world to eat butter and garlic!

Loulou said...

you need to purge them of all the dirt and other stuff they eat for at least a week or two.
Should be tasty!

It is!
The more garlic, the better.

katiez said...

I wish I could send you some of mine!
BTW: why do we eat snails...but not slugs?

Loulou said...

La Poste would love you! "Madame, what is in the box?"
I can just see the look...

I've often wondered about eating or not eating the snail/slug thing myself.