June 17, 2008

Photo du Jour - Black Bumblebee

A violet carpenter bee enjoying some fragrant jasmine flowers.

This is an impressive looking black bumblebee that lumbers clumsily around the garden. It has beautiful, iridescent, violet colored wings and is about three times the size of a regular bumblebee!
Don't be afraid though. It may look scary, but this is a very non-aggressive bee. Pin It


Our Juicy Life said...

yikes - those big bees make me run for the hills.

Scintilla said...

Oh we have them in our garden in Italy - they love the jasmine there too.

Loulou said...

our juicy life
They're really harmless and fly pretty slow. You see them coming so you have time to get out of their way!

I think they're really beautiful and have been trying to get a photo of one all summer.

spacedlaw said...

Thank you for naming that bee for me. I see them often but had no clue what they were called.
They are like enormous flying fuzzy jewels.

Loulou said...

I didn't know what they were called for the first three years here. I would see them ever summer and always wondered what they were.
"flying fuzzy jewels" is a perfect description!