June 15, 2008

Photo du Jour - 24K Gold

Golden apricots ripening on the tree.

We're in the midst of Clafoutis Season. Also know as cherry and apricot season.

Apricots thrive in our Mediterranean climate of long, hot summers and cool, fairly wet winters. They ripen in early summer, just after the local cherries.

Here's a little tease...
the recipe will come tomorrow.

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Marylène said...

That's not fair !
Not only you make us "saliver" (salivate ?)
in front of your clafoutis, (I haven't had my breakfast yet)!

in front of your apricots on the tree, mine in Paris area doesn't have a single fruit this year !

But to top it all no recipe !!!
I just have to dig in my deepfreezer to get a bag of last year's cheeries and make my traditional cherry clafoutis !
Yes, you guessed well , no cherries either on the cherry trees this year.
That's sure, I move to the South of France right now !!!!

katiez said...

I've never had a tree ripened apricot.... I want one!
We have peach trees all over around here, I wonder why no apricots?
Maybe in our next house...
But we should have plums soon, if the sun ever comes back!

sally in norfolk said...

recipe sounds interesting.... :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow those apricots look delicious, how great it must be just to be able to pick them off the tree!!! :-)

Loulou said...

A little patience never hurt anybody. :)
I'll give you the recipe today and you will be soon be eating apricot clafoutis too.
No cherries for you this year? We have had a lot, but they got too much rain so their flavor is weak.

I'm surprised that you don't have apricots if you have peach. There are many peach trees around here too.
Where in the south are you looking?

it is a great and pretty easy recipe.

Last year our friends had a tree whose branches were breaking from the weight of its apricots!
we made a lot of compote and jam. it was fabulous!