June 24, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - le Cados

The jury's still out on this one.

I take a bite and it is pretty tasty. Then I start chewing and absorb the full, heady, boozy flavor, and it practically knocks me on my ass.

Le Cados.

Another cheese by Carole Brihier of La Société Fromages Service in Campigneulles-les-Grandes, in the Pas-de-Calais département. She's the genius behind le Cameau, a cheese we tasted a few weeks ago.

Calvados soaked breadcrumbs surrounding rich Camembert

My husband and I both tasted it. Both of us were undecided. Was it good? Did we like it? It was highly unusual for both of us to be this ambivalent. We aren't shy about expressing our opinions around here!
So we recruited six friends to be guinea pigs and give us their opinion as well.

"Too strong."
"Would taste delicious with apple or pear slices to cut the strong flavor."
"Strong and unusual. It's...interesting."
"Wow. Really rich and has a strong alcohol flavor."

Do I sense a pattern here?

Le Cados' strength is exactly why neither my husband nor I were sure about it. Not that I don't like strong cheese. Au contraire. I love it.
But this Calvados soaked, raw milk Camembert is exceptionally potent and intense.

So, as half of it sits in my fridge, uneaten and mocking me every time I open the door and look in there, I have to state my honest opinion and say that it is highly doubtful that we'll finish it.

I wanted to like le Cados, I really did.
However, I won't be pursuing this one again any time soon. Pin It


Mari said...

Oh, I love this stuff, but yeah in petite doses.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear that someone enjoys it!
One small (very small) bite was ok, but then the flavor became too strong!