May 1, 2008

This Morning's Bread

It's a holiday and our favorite Boulangerie is closed. Luckily I was in the mood for a little bread making.
Now my hands are sore from kneading. (Getting arthritic hands really sucks)

Honey, Cheese and Herb Bread, hot out of the oven.

melted, slightly burnt cheese...mmmmm..... Pin It


Anonymous said...

In the states it's cheaper to make bread than buy it, but it is oh so difficult to get right. Frankly, I'll never understand the less ingredients the bread has, the more expensive it is.

Loulou said...

It takes some patience and I find kneading therapeutic.
I agree, the more stuff in bread, it would make sense that it would cost more. Shouldn't be the opposite!

spacedlaw said...

That looks utterly gorgeous and I would not mind a large chunk of this right now, for my breakfast.

It seems true that the lesser ingredients the priciest the bread seems to be. We buy bread without salt in it and it costs more that your normal salted bread. I wonder if this is also the case in area where salt less bread IS the normal bread (like in Tuscany)...