May 28, 2008

Photos du Jour - From Brittany

A friend traveled through Brittany a couple of weeks ago and shared these photos with me. I love seeing other regions of France, even through someone else's eyes.

Looks like a beautiful place!

oozing contentment
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Anonymous said...

So very green! Every time I have been there it's been cold and/or raining. Beautiful rolling hills however.

our juicy life said...

it looks so lovely and like FOT says "very green"...i was thinking the same as FOT, doesn't it rain there a lot..of course, or it wouldn't be so green...think it's cold too...maybe we'll visit in the spring or summer

Loulou said...

These were taken near Josselin, in southern Brittany, which apparently has a nice little micro-climate.

I've heard it rains a lot in the winter, but that is true of many areas of France.
The maritime climate supposedly keeps it very mild in the winter. I've never been up there, only to Normandy, but would love to see it!

Samantha said...

I've gotta pipe up here since that first picture is definitely from my (ex) town - Vannes. It's right in the gardens right in front of the old law school.

We are in a micro-climate there, but it still rains a ton, especially during the winter. The past few summers have been pretty crappy too (ie. misty & in the 60's every day). If I had to pick though, I'd say the best time to visit would be in late May or early September.

And those cows just might possibly be Fab's. Stupid cows. And stupid Fab for that matter, LOL.

Loulou said...

I was hoping to hear from you on this one! Yes, she was in Vannes and Josselin and in the country looking at property to buy.
Sorry about the stupid cows stirring up bad memories. They are kind of cute though....