May 18, 2008

Photo du Jour - La Maison Bleue

My favorite blue house. Pin It


Ilva said...

mine too from now on-adorable!

Betty C. said...

Blue is my favorite color and I adore this house too. Is it in your village?

Betty C. said...

I'm just commenting again to get the follow-up comment -- for some reason the option didn't show up the first time.

Marylène said...

If I could, I would like to buy any of the houses you show on your blog. But this one is the number one in my list.
This blue is just wonderful.
By the way, being a chti, I commented on your fête du fromage about the Bergues only today, was away for a week.
Let me know if you want me to send you a piece of Vieux Bergus on my next trip to the Pas de Calais.

Loulou said...

Isn't is lovely? That color!

No, it is down the road and unfortunately right on a busy road. It was for sale for a while and I'm not sure if it sold or if they took it off the market.

I'm happy to hear that you like the photos!
Do you have a site that I can read?
That is a very kind offer to send me cheese.

L Vanel said...

A gorgeous color scheme. I love the flowers.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Adorable house, shame about the busy road. Lovely colour.

Casey said...

I always enjoy your photos but this one is particularly delightful. Even the bench in front is the perfect hue.

Loulou said...

I think it is beautiful too! The perfect blue

It is a shame about it being on a busy road. Fortunately that means I get to see it fairly often...

Thanks for your kind comment. I'm always happy to hear other people's response to my photos!