May 20, 2008

Photo du Jour - la Boulangerie

Our favorite Boulangerie who make amazing pain au raisin, fantastic flûtes (a long, soft baguette), crunchy campailettes (a rustic baguette) and delicious pizza and quiches. Pin It


alisa said... of my favorite places in france....pain au chocolat, croissants that melt in your mouth...oh, can't wait to visit one soon. When we were in france in September, a woman told me that some boulangeries will sell you 1/2 baked baquettes, so that you don't have to eat it that day, you can save it for the next, put it in the oven and voila. Is that true? If so, what's it called?

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Love these little shops, they are the first ones I seek out when in france or Italy..yummy, love getting up in the morning and having a walk..go home to a tasty breakfast. :-)

Paola said...

Ah! How a love a good Boulangerie! Just a few more weeks and I'll be in the lovely Ardeche- eating loads of delicious things from the local Boulangerie! Yum!


Loulou said...

Nothing like a good Boulangerie!
I've never heard of the 1/2 baked baguette but I'll ask around. Interesting idea...

when we were in Lucca there was a Focaccia bakery across the street from our apartment. I was in heaven!

Hope you have a wonderful visit!
Will you be in the Ardeche for the summer?

Paola said...

Hi LouLou,

We will be in a tiny town called Labatie-d'Andaure. Two weeks, starting at the end of June! Can't wait!:)