May 13, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - Bergues

For the last several weeks I've tasted some cheeses that have completely blown me away by their unique, aromatic and amazing flavors. Things were a little different this week...

Let me introduce you to Bergues.
Bergues is an unpasteurized, lower in fat (only around 20% versus the normal 40-60%), cow's milk cheese that is repeatedly washed in beer (a good thing, I thought) while it matures, producing a rich aroma. It has been made for centuries in the town of Bergues, which is only a few miles from the Belgian border, in an area referred to as French Flanders.

And it tastes like....


Is. Has. No. Flavor.
None. Nada.

We even let it sit out to mature a bit, thinking the flavor would develop into something.
Nope. Not a chance.

Now that you've been introduced to Bergues, you can promptly forget its name. Try not to be introduced again.
And if someday you are faced with Bergues, pretend you are allergic to cheese. Or pretend you are lactose intolerant. Whatever you have to do not to eat this stuff.

Want a wine pairing idea? No, you don't. Because you don't ever need to bother tasting it.

If there are any Bergues lovers out there, I'd like to know. Because really, how can you enjoy eating air disguised as cheese? Pin It
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