May 23, 2008

(Almost) Too Pretty To Eat

These cute, little macaroon chocolates were an unexpected treat from friends who came around for lunch on Tuesday.
My husband was ready to dive into the box later that afternoon but I diverted his attention (with my overwhelming charm and impressive willpower) and tucked them away until later. We were already full from our meal and I wanted to wait until we could really enjoy them.

And I was itching to take some photos, of course.

too pretty to eat

Tuesday slid into Wednesday which somehow became Thursday and the box still sat there, pristine and unopened.
So here it is, Friday already.

My poor husband has ogled the chocolates for three days without one word of complaint. I decided it was time to put him out of his misery and take the photos I wanted so we could finally gobble them up taste one or two.

finally open!

in a matter of minutes, three disappeared

They were worth the wait! Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I don;t have a really sweet tooth, but the more pictures I see of Macaroons, I think I must try one!!

Lovely treat from your friends :-)

katiez said...

I always want them immediately... but I know I'll enjoy them more if I'm hungry. You must have some impressive wiles to get him to wait that long.....

wendl said...

They are beautiful! Is everything more beautiful in France?

Loulou said...

Macaroons are pretty, aren't they? These were little praline stuffed chocolates that look like little macaroons.
They were delicious!!!

Yes, I do. :)

Sometimes things feel that way!

Betty C. said...

Did you know Yves Thuriès is from the Tarn -- at least he really took off there. He has or had a restaurant in Cordes-sur-Ciel, Le Grand Ecuyer. I caught a picture of him for one of my blog posts; he had come to Rodez for a Salon du Chocolat.

Loulou said...

No, I didn't know that, thanks for the info!
I really want to visit Cordes-sur-Ciel someday. It looks lovely.

Betty C. said...

I did one or two posts on the town about a year ago. I would definitely suggest going off-season though -- but not TOO off-season because it's deserted.

sally in norfolk said...

They look fantastic... glad you shared them with us :-)

Paola said...

Gorgeous! And I bet they were delicious!


Loulou said...

Our friends from Albi who have a vacation home in our village have offered to take me sometime, along with some other picturesque villages in the area. I'll definitely avoid it at the height of summer.

Glad you enjoyed the photos!

They were divine! We still have half of the box but it won't last too much longer.