April 3, 2008

Picking Myself Back Up And Brushing Myself Off

Ok, some good news!

I called the American Consulate in Marseille (and actually got a hold of a human) about the extrait de casier judiciaire, and while they cannot issue one of those exactly, they can give me a sworn, stamped and official paper signed by the Consul General that is equal to it. And it only costs $30.
I'm getting closer!

Next Tuesday I have an appointment after lunch to get said document.
It's a 3 hour train journey each way plus I have about four hours to kill in Marseille, so it's going to be a long day.
Any suggestions of things to do in Marseille?

My dossier will be ready to send off once I have this paper. Yahoo!
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Function of Time said...

Something tells me food will be involved.

Linda said...

Have you explored the old harbor and the interesting church up above? I could spend hours in that area. And then there is the Notre Dame high above the city with a fabulous view.

Loulou said...

You better believe it! Hopefully Asian food.
Any time we go to a big city we seek out Asian food - we're so starved for it out here!

Yes, I have, many years ago. It might be time to visit again though!

Function of Time said...

I just realized I won't have easy access to Asian or Indian food there. Soooo easy to get in Seattle as you know. ggrrrr.

Loulou said...

Yeah, eat all you can for the next few days because you'll be seriously deprived while you're here.
But the cheese makes it all worth it.

Betty C. said...

Loulou, can't you just get your "casier judiciaire" from the "casier judiciaire" department? This is not a joke -- I think it's in Nantes -- just Google "casier judiciaire" and you should be able to get one easily. I have had to get them a couple times not only for the citizenship quest but also for my job.

Loulou said...

Thanks for the help, but I need a casier judiciaire etranger. i.e. from America, not from France.

Betty C. said...

Oh! Gotcha! I didn't need one of those when I did my citizenship thing -- maybe because I'm married to a French person? Maybe because of the length of residency?

Loulou said...

They keep changing the rules, so who knows!

Valerie and Craig said...

Here's wishing you lots of luck in Marseille tomorrow...you guys deserve to be here after being so tenacious and dedicated to doing so. We'll be thinking of you :)

Loulou said...

Thanks Valerie and Craig! I appreciate your good wishes.

Sur les Remparts said...

Here is a link where they show the rebornd af a cheese from the middle age.

Loulou said...

merci Géry!
We will have to experiment with cheese-making soon...

Anonymous said...

hey loulou... did you go to the consulate with your passport and get the casier juridique no problem? what else do i need to bring? do they have to write it out in advance? if you could email me at msaretsky@gmail.com with a response, it would be a HUGE help!

Loulou said...

I sent you an email this morning. Hope you got it.
Good luck!