April 27, 2008

Photos du Jour - Marché aux Fleurs

One of the best reasons to go to Béziers on a Friday - the Marché aux Fleurs along les Allées Paul Riquet. Pin It


Mimi from French Kitchen said...

Flower markets are just another aspect of life the French "got right." Every city of any size in the U.S. should have them. Flowers on my desk on dining table got me through this awful winter.

Riana Lagarde said...

gah! we drove past that this week! were we both in beziers at the same time?

Loulou said...

Isn't that the truth!
Just walking through a marché aux fleurs is restorative.

No way! I was there to go to CPAM and get my hair done. We had lunch and enjoyed a nice, sunny day.
What were you doing there?

Jacqui U said...

We must pass each other in the street - we go to the friday flower market regularly!

Our favourite cafe is just on the left as you look at the Theatre.

I recognised it from your photos immediately!



Loulou said...

I know that café! Great spot for people watching.
Next time I plan to go in, I'll let you know and we can have a coffee

Betty C. said...

These are lovely photos -- I don't know of any flower markets in these parts.

Loulou said...

This one in Béziers is the only one I know of around here
I only make it a couple of times a year but I love it!