April 6, 2008

Photo du Jour

L'ancien café.

It's for sale...if anyone is interested. Pin It


Betty Carlson said...

Of course I am crazy about the picture -- just the type I love to take, but you get the turquoise blue shuttes in your region -- exquisite.

I like the off-kilter framing -- I somehow don't dare enough to do that.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo ... and in our home town too! Did you know that there is the same photo (nearly) of that old cafe in Rick Stein's French Odyssey cookbook?!

Jennifer said...

I cropped it that way because there is a big, ugly "a vendre" sign below the beautiful, faded Café sign.
I love that green color!

Valerie & Craig
I knew you would recognize it. You must drive by it several times a day!

I didn't know the faded sign was in Rick Stein's book. How funny!

winedeb said...

Oh how I wish!

Jennifer said...

what's stopping you?

Riana Lagarde said...

its on page 200! i have that book. it says "arret des cars" underneath. how fun.

Jennifer said...

How funny! I have a friend here with that book, I'll have to go have a look at it.