April 14, 2008

Photo du Jour - La Vie en Lavande

Our friend's house that is absolutely swimming in a sea of lavender right now. Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How lovely is that...blowing in the wind :-)

Ken Broadhurst said...

It must be really warm down there compared to here in Saint-Aignan...

Loulou said...

isn't is gorgeous!

We get a warm day, then a cold day.
A warm day, then a cold day. I was surprised at how well his lavender is doing.
This is the coldest spring we've had in 5 years.

spacedlaw said...

When in Nice last week I got some lavender flowers to try and make a lavender version of your lemon and creme fraiche cake.
I think I might try this Sunday. I'll let you know how it went (the orange version I made is nowhere near as nice as the original lemon one, by the way).

winedeb said...

How cool is that!!! And I surely would have the windows open if possible to catch the aroma!

Loulou said...

A lavender version of that cake sounds fantastic! I look forward to hearing the results.

You should have seen the bees! They were in heaven