April 29, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - Pouligny Saint-Pierre

My husband has officially found his favorite cheese. Luscious, dreamy Pouligny Saint-Pierre. It wasn't my absolute favorite, but it is a very special cheese!
The entire pyramid was devoured over a couple of days, with the flavor seeming to improve every time we sliced off a little piece.

The Berry region of central France, most specifically the Brenne Valley in the southern Indre, is home to herds of Alpine, Saanen and Poitevine goats, whose unpasteurized milk is used to make Pouligny Saint-Pierre.
This chèvre has two claims to fame; it is produced in France's smallest cheese AOC area and it was the first chèvre to be granted AOC status.

It is a fine textured, elegant cheese that has been granted the nickname "la pyramide" or "la Tour Eiffel" due to its truncated, pyramid shape; a shape that allows the cheese to breathe and ripen to its distinctive flavor due to the ratio of weight to surface area.

The wrinkled rind covers a thin, creamy and oozing layer which wraps around a dense, refined and chalky middle. It was earthy, with mildly salty flavors and heavenly, sweet hints of hazelnut. The pleasant aroma was soft, mild and smelled slightly of straw.
All around a delicious cheese that I would happily enjoy again and again.

White wines such as Sancerre Blanc, Chenin Blanc or Pouilly Fumé pair best with Pouligny Saint-Pierre, but a glass of red Sancerre would be good too. Pin It
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