April 15, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - If You Can't Stand The Smell....

...you better stay away from our kitchen!

My trip to Marseille last week yielded a Corsican cheese to die for.
In a small fromagerie, le Normandy, I bought a piece of this pasteurized sheep's milk cheese called U Bel Fiuritu. When the fromager handed me the cheese I put my nose near the the little waxed paper package to take in its aroma, but the shop was so odoriferous, I didn't pick up anything unusual.
It wasn't until later, on the train home, that I noticed an aroma wafting up from my bag...this was one smelly cheese!

It had a washed rind that was quite sticky, yet edible, a soft texture and flavors that ranged from creamy to spicy. We both loved it's heady flavor that prickled on our tongues as it developed.
A glass of Minervois red paired nicely with this cheese.

I highly recommend U Bel Fiuritu and since it is a pasteurized cheese, it is hopefully readily available outside of France. Pin It
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