March 5, 2008

Wine Weekend at a Château

Being that I just wrote about Juliet Bruce-Jones and her Wine Tours in the Languedoc, I thought I should tell you that there are a few spaces left for a Wine Weekend at Château Ventenac at the end of March.
Juliet will be there to introduce the guests of the Château to wines of the area and take them to visit wineries throughout the Languedoc. Pin It


Judith said...

It's funny to think that I lived in the Languedoc for a month, and went back a year later (I miss it so!) and yet never went to a winery. The was even a vineyard adjacent to my backyard, on the other side of the fence, though in January there wasn't much happening there. Maybe next time I'm in the region I'll do a tour.

Loulou said...

You'll definitely have to come back and do some tasting and a tour. You'll love it!