March 16, 2008


Every day that the American dollar sinks a little lower, my hopes sink with it.

We live on a small fixed income in dollars, so every day we lose a bit more.

Ok, let's do a little math. Students, are you ready? You won't need your calculators for this one.

If diesel fuel costs €1.29 a liter and our little New Beetle holds about 10 gallons of fuel, how much does it cost us in dollars to fill the tank?

x 1.56
= $ 2.01 a liter

OK, so a liter of fuel is $2.01. There are 3.785 liters to a gallon which means a gallon of fuel is $7.60.

It is FREAKING $76 dollars to fill up our car!

And that is just one example of how much things are costing these days. It also doesn't help that the prices of goods in France are going up at an alarming rate.

I am applying for citizenship which, if granted, means I can work here. (Thus far, I've been denied the right to be employed in France) The only catch is that it takes up to 18 months for an answer.
Doesn't really solve our immediate financial crunch, now does it?

We're trying to stay positive. We're trying to hang on. Sometimes it's just not easy.

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