January 18, 2008

Photo du Jour

Occasionally I deviate from my plain yogurt and honey routine and have sugary, wonderful Nutella on toast for my petit déjeuner.
Not the healthiest of breakfasts, but hey, at least it's whole grain bread.... Pin It


Riana Lagarde said...

it says on all the jars that its part of a nutritious breakfast. how could they lie? its what hubby eats every morning!

Loulou said...

Every morning?
I know he loves Nutella, but didn't know that he eats it every morning!
Miam miam!

Riana Lagarde said...

yup, he is a nutella nut. i'm trying to get him to stop, but people are enabling him, lol!!!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

I love love love Nutella!

Loulou said...

Maybe there is a 12 Step group somewhere out there for Nutella addicts!

Me too! Can you buy it where you live in the States?