January 4, 2008

Le Lapin - An Impulse Buy

I picked up a rabbit yesterday for an excellent price, having no idea what I should make with it.
There is still some trepidation regarding the cooking of rabbits in my kitchen. You know...they're just so cute...it makes me feel like a monster for wanting to eat one.
Ducks are cute too, but I have absolutely no qualms about tucking in to a magret or confit de canard. Weird, isn't it?

I know it's a cultural thing, but I just haven't gotten over the fact that when I was growing up I raised bunnies as pets. Eating one was a horrifying thought! But I'm slowly learning to suppress these feelings.

We've only tried rabbit a few times and I've only cooked it once, last year when I made Hasenpfeffer.
Tomorrow I plan on making a bit pot of rabbit something and need some good rabbit recipes.

I think I've narrowed it down to a couple:

a traditional, French Lapin à la Moutarde
a good ol' Louisiana specialty, Rabbit Gumbo

However, if you have any ideas or a favorite recipe for lapin that you would like to send my way, I would love some new ideas! Pin It
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