January 1, 2008

Laughing all the way to the café

The ban begins today!
I'll actually be able to enjoy une noisette in the closed up cafés during the winter without choking on cigarette smoke.

The question is...will they actually enforce the new law down here in these little towns and villages?

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La Belette Rouge said...

The smoking ban starts in Chicago today, too. It'll be nice to go out to dinner and not come home stinking like a pack of Marlboro's.

Dr.Bethenais- Languedoc's Lady Doc said...

hoorah for clean air and café cremes -have been longing for such a day since this ex-pat was in medical school in Lille -now here in the Languedoc and enjoying your blog and photos immensely!

Loulou said...

la belette rouge,
You must be happy! That is always the worst thing about going out dancing or to a bar...coming home reeking of smoke.

dr. bethenais,
Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Enjoy your café cremes smoke free! I have doubts that these laws will kick in right away down here. Could take some time!

My Melange said...

I am interested to see the outcome of these. I am encouraged, for the same reason you speak of. Please report back if this turns out to be just *hype* Happy New Year!!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Wow, I never thought I'd see the day when France banned smoking! Great news, IF they actually enforce it.
I guess I'll get to see for myself in a couple months! :)

Loulou said...

my melange,
we went to the café this afternoon and the owners are following the rules! I think the 750€ fine might have something to do with it.
This is going to be a good year for non smokers in France!

So far, so good! Yahoo!
When do you arrive in France?

Betty C. said...

I tend to be optimistic -- but I also think all of us vehement non-smokers who live in France need to get back into the café habit to prove that it was a good idea. It would be sad to see even more cafés shut down...

Loulou said...

we never got out of the café habit, I love the cafés!
During the winter is was just so difficult to while away the hours if you couldn't breathe easily! :)

But you're absolutely right. They need all the support they can get right now.
I'm happy to help!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

We'll be there for a month, March/April.

Loulou said...

How wonderful! The springtime is always so beautiful.

The Late Bloomer said...

I'm so relieved too -- it's really wonderful news! For once, being able to breathe easily and enjoy a meal -- plus, bonus, not returning home reeking of cigarette smoke!