January 16, 2008

An Italian Soirée in the South of France

Saturday night we gathered again, this time to celebrate the cuisine of Italy.
It was supposed to be a Japanese evening, but three of the eight of us don't eat sushi and some of the ingredients for Japanese food are understandably difficult to source in the south of France. As much as we like a bit of a challenge, this is also a night for us to enjoy each other's company, so we opted for an easier cuisine.

Frustratingly, the batteries in my camera up and died shortly after snapping what turned out to be a super blurry shot of the Farro and Chickpea soup that I brought. (I'll post the recipe later this week)
Thankfully a borrowed camera saved the day, so I do have a few photos to share of our fantastic meal.

after the soup came a gratin of Belgian endive, Parmesan, garlic and loads of butter with super garlicky garlic bread - just the way I like it!

then steaming, savory prosciutto, wild mushrooms and herbs in parchment paper and grilled cherry tomatoes

The photo of the main course, Pasticcio, was blurry as well. Merde!

dessert of the most amazing, boozy, orange zest infused tiramisu

We love our World Food evenings! Next time...
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kenf said...

Boerwors Recipe

1 kg beef.
1 kg mutton.
1 kg veal or lean pork.
500 gr spek (firm pork fat from under the skin).
25 ml salt.
5 ml ground black pepper.
15 ml corriander, singed and ground (see hints and tips).
1 ml ground cloves.
2 ml nutmeg powder.
125 ml brown vinegar.
25 ml brandy (optional).
25 ml masala (optional).
200 gr wide sausage casings.

(If you want to dry your wors (droë wors) it is advisable to get narrow sausage casings).


Cube all meat and spek.
Mix together thoroughly and mince coarsely.
Place meat in large bowl.
Add all dry spices, vinegar and brandy (if used).
Mix together lightly with a two pronged fork.
Place in fridge for +/- 2 hours to blend flavours.
Soak casings in water during this period.
Fit casings to sausage maker and fill with mixture.
Do not over- or under-stuff.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the recipe!

Betty Carlson said...

Those meals sound so fun! I tried to get a theme-based meal group together once, but it fell apart...keep it up!

Jennifer said...

we're all really into it so I think it will continue. We used to do the same thing in the States with a group of friends there. You should try to organize another!