January 11, 2008

Gumbo Cravings

It was either that recipe for Rabbit Gumbo I looked at last week or the knowledge that I'll be landing in New Orleans a mere two weeks from today that has gotten my gumbo cravings flowing.

Have you ever made a real, honest to god, café au lait colored, rich nutty flavored roux, Gumbo? It is a simple, beautiful thing.
But it takes some patience.

Well, patience I've got. And I'm fortunate to have the time to stand around, performing a seemingly endless job of stirring flour and oil together, until the perfectly colored roux is achieved. It really only takes about an hour on our stove, but that hour moves like molasses. And quel catastrophe if little black specks appear in your roux! That means dumping it in the bin and starting all over again.
That happened to me once and I swear, never again. Patience - there's that word again. Remember, rushing the roux will result in little black specks.

I'm making a classic, Cajun Chicken and Smoked Sausage Gumbo this afternoon. I'll post a full gumbo chronicle, the recipe and photos tomorrow. Maybe I can convince some of you to attempt this memorable, mouthwatering dish that has me under its spell?

Chef John D. Folse has a very informative tutorial on roux. Pin It

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