December 11, 2007

Photos du Jour - Tartiflette

One of my favorite winter dishes. Loaded with potatoes, bacon, onions and Reblochon cheese, how can you go wrong with such savory decadence???

Here's the recipe I use.

Dinner with our guests at Jean-Pierre and Agnès' house. They were kind enough (and brave enough) to invite all six of us Americans over for dinner. And they made Tartiflette! Pin It


Riana Lagarde said...

i might make that tonight since i have some of that cheese. wow, there are more americans down here? you know everyone!

Loulou said...

MMMM....I love tartiflette!

No, those were our guests visiting from the States. J.P. and Angès have known Ron and Zach for five years so they always want to see each other.

There aren't that many americans down here! Or it doesn't seem like there are...