December 2, 2007

Photo du Jour

When it is cold I make the boys wear their jackets.
I realize that it's probably pretty embarrassing for them around all the macho hunting dogs, but they love to walk and get cold so quickly! Pin It


sognatrice said...

My doggies' sweaters are on the way from the US! They can't wait :)

Loulou said...

I got the red one at Land's End in the States last year. The crazy purple/blue one came from a little shop in New Orleans.
Are you keeping any of the puppies?

wcs said...

So cute. But I can't see Callie in one of those. Her own coat is long enough to keep her warm, and being a border collie, well, they're used to cold, wet weather.

Loulou said...

No, I cannot imagine Callie needing a little jacket!
But she would look awfully cute! :)