December 23, 2007

Photo du Jour - Love That Cheese

Last weekend's long Sunday lunch's cheese platter.

Mimolette - Orange chunk
Chèvre Frais - Pyramid in the middle
Bleu d'Auvergne - Piece on the left
Pérail des Alizers - The two joined rounds on the bottom
Unknown - Bright orange at top of platter. I didn't buy them, so I can't remember! Maybe a Chaumes? Pin It


Betty C. said...

Thanks for your comment Loulou and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

I'm going to put you in one of the coveted (LOL) 50 slots on my Google Reader, that way I can keep up better with you too!

Loulou said...

A coveted place on the Google Reader List? What a wonderful Christmas present! :)
Joyeux Noël!