November 9, 2007

Twelve Days Until Milan...

and I need some suggestions!

Have you ever been? Do you have any recommendations?

We're staying in the center and have four days to experience the city. I've booked tickets for Leonardo's Last Supper, but that is our only planned event.
I'm traveling with non foodie/ happy-to-eat-a-ham-and-cheese-sandwich-every-day-of-his-life friend. (it was a difficult relationship at first, but I've gotten over this strange, alien personal trait) But he is happy to try new things.

When I travel, I love to wander around and discover little, hidden places and sit in cafés and watch people.
What are the great people watching piazzas of Milan? Any cheap and cheerful trattorias that aren't too far off the beaten path? Any specialty food shops I should check out that might not be in guidebooks? Any websites about Milan that I should check out?

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katiez said...

I'll be interested to hear your opinion. I found Milan to be a very typical modern big city and not very 'touristy' like so many Eurepean cities - kind of all work and no play. The cathedral is beautiful - and make sure your arms are covered. It's winter so that shouldn't be a problem but I got caught wearing a sleeveless dress (it was 42C) and had to go back and change. Shopping is wonderful!

denzylle said...

Highly recommended blog - an Australian foodie and photographer travelling in Italy:

This trip, she hasn't spent too much time in Milan, but search on 'Milan' and you'll also find several days from her 2005 trip.

Robyn Vickers said...

I've heard that Milan is very "working town" and not that touristy, though I've never been. But this often also means that there are really good restaurants because there are less of those Tourist Trap spots with over-priced, made-without-love kind of spots. I'm looking forward to reading about what you find there! Have fun.

Matt Maddox said...

There's a show I watch religiously on the Discovery Channel hosted by hottie Samantha Brown, and she did visit Milan. While you can't watch it, there's a good summary on her site which you may find useful -
Might I add that I'm just a little jealous?

Matt Maddox said...

The link didn't fit so I created a tiny url:

Loulou said...

I've heard that before.
I'll let you know what I think after I get home!

Thanks for the link, I'll have a look!

good restaurants is a very good thing! I hope you're right!

Thanks for the help and the link. I'll have a look at the "hottie."

Cassoulet Cafe said...

I've only been in the train station :(