November 5, 2007


Oh My.

I do miss American television, but why do they have to call it that? Pin It


Anonymous said...

Désolée mais je n'arrive pas à ouvrir le lien. Dommage.

Jennifer said...

I fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know!

Vermont Woman said...

Oh please -- don't we move abroad to leave certain bad American aspects behind like TV. After living abroad for five years, I moved back...and hardly watch TV at all given the poor quality of programming.

Jennifer said...

wanderlust woman
the guy starting it says there is a demand. We'll see...

wcs said...

Strange, but my CanalSat package carries CNN, CNBC (which also brings us Leno, Conan, the Sunday morning political talk shows, etc.), TCM (all American movies), Jimmy (many VM American series), and NASN, which is live and rebroadcast American pro and college football every week, not to mention MLB, NHL, pro and college hoops, all in English.

How much more do we need? TF1 broadcasts selected American series in VM, and there is American stuff in VM all over the other channels.

It's out there, if you want it.

Jennifer said...

we had CanalSat too, not the expensive package, just the basics, so had most of those channels.
Over the four years that we had the service, the variety seemed to change and it just wasn't very interesting anymore.
Jimmy definitely got worse! I used to love that channel.
My husband does miss NASN! :)