November 13, 2007

Photo du Jour - Smoked Garlic

Ail fumé - smoked garlic. Never seen this before!
There is a specialty from the the north of France, L'ail fumé d'Arleux, but this was purchased in the southwest. Pin It


bluesky said...

A lovely atmospheic market photo; we love smoked garlic! Although it's not easy to find in our neck of the French woods here in the Haute-Loire.

wcs said...

I tried smoking garlic once. Nothing happened. ;)

Loulou said...

I've never tried it and didn't buy any of it at that market in Gascony.
I had a bag that was already so full I couldn't imagine cramming anything else into it!
Thanks for saying hi.

You obviously didn't smoke it the right way! :)
Are you still by yourself?

ann said...

I saw this recently at a grocery here in NY. What do you do with it? It smelled amazing.

Loulou said...

try this recipe;

Doesn't it smell amazing!

Kate Hill said...

Well, since you were carrying the heaviest basket that day, I did buy a braid. I'll experiment this week and let you know what I come up with- a smoked garlic soup with lardon croutons?

Loulou said...

It gives me an excuse to come back and go to the market in Nérac with you!
The soup sounds good!

Matt Maddox said...

I've never seen this either but very curious now. It's morning here - can't be thinking about garlic this early, more like corn flakes...

Loulou said...

matt maddox,
There are some places in Gilroy, California that make and sell smoked garlic. Next time I run across it I'm buying a braid!