November 8, 2007


And I'm not talking about the beekeeper's.

Monday evening my wrists started itching. Then my torso started tingling and itching. Then my neck and ankles and legs and, well, pretty much everywhere. All over my body. I went to bed, hoping that I would sleep through it. Which I did. Until 2:30 am. I got up, searched in vain for some Benadryl (or anything related) but ended up back in bed, scratching, until I finally fell back to sleep.
Tuesday morning I had some red patches and mild itching which went away by mid-morning.

We went through everything we'd eaten, anything I had touched, everywhere we'd been on Monday, trying to figure out the source of the hives. We just couldn't figure it out!
Tuesday afternoon, it started up all over again. Ask Lucy, I was on the phone with her while endlessly scratching my wrists. I finally took some of my husband's allergy medicine and the itchiness went away before bedtime.

Yesterday we were trying to figure out what to drink with a nice lunch of salad and pasta, when I grabbed a bottle of grapefruit soda off the shelf and set it down triumphantly on the kitchen table.
Voilà, the source of my hives!
We had never tried this stuff before Monday. It was the only possible source. (and I almost blamed some Saint-Félicien cheese just because I hadn't eaten any in a while)

I couldn't believe it! I mean, I could believe it - I know that soda pop stuff isn't good for me - but I rarely drink it.
Well, I won't be drinking it ever again, now that it gives me hives!

Guess from now on if I want something fizzy to drink, I'll have to settle for Champagne or Crémant de Limoux. Pin It


SneauxFlocken said...

I get hives from various food sources. It's definitely no fun. Of course I know nothing beats a good glass of champagne, but if you're looking for a non-alcoholic fizzy drink, sparkling mineral water with a squeeze of lemon is really yummy.

katiez said...

Be careful if it happens again! Take the benedryl ...they can be serious, (speaking from experience!)

Loulou said...

thanks for the idea! We drink lots of sparkling water and I always have lemons in the house.
I never want hives again!

We don't have any benadryl in the house, as it turns out. Need to pick some up to keep on hand, just in case!

Anonymous said...

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wcs said...

Another think that's good in sparkling water is a splash of apple or grape juice. Much less expensive than Champagne (although don't give up one for the other).

Loulou said...

I'll have a look and let you know! thanks for commenting.

Yes, that would be much less expensive than champagne! :)
Thanks for the idea.