October 29, 2007

A Sublime Sunday Lunch in the Sun

l'entrée - paper thin slices of zucchini and eggplant, the large one wrapped around Parmesan, arugula and cream, the other around Rocamadour cheese, served with Champagne
Pure heaven!

hot chihuahuas!

we were sitting in the sun in front of the three doors, but it got so hot that we had to move the table into the shade

le plat - cooking thinly sliced beef on a pierrade

the most sublime of all sauces - Béarnaise

some fantastic, smooth Faugères and a lovely Minervois la Livinière were enjoyed by all

le dessert - sabayon au fruits rouges

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in the company of our friends Jean-Pierre and Agnès, who made an amazing, delicious lunch. We were ready to take up permanent residence by the end of the afternoon.
A Sunday in the sun to remember! Pin It


My Melange said...

Oh my god...this looks heavenly. I wish I would haave been there. I love the house, the pool, the wine, the weather. I am sure the company was great too ;) Can I come next time Loulou????

Loulou said...

It was heavenly!
We'll make sure to get you an invitation next time! :)

wcs said...

Sign me up, too. Especially for the "it got so hot in the sun..." part. It's definitely October up here in the Loire.

Loulou said...

we were astonished by the heat! We were trying to "tough it out" in the sun, but were all sweating and uncomfortable, so finally gave up. It was amazing!
You have an invitation for next time!