October 24, 2007

The Recipe With The Lamest Directions EVER- Thank You Rachel Ray

First of all, let me just say that I have no opinion about Rachel Ray.
When we left the States and therefore access to The Food Network, she was still doing little shows like $40 a Day and I thought she was fine. Not great, but not terrible either.
I've read that people now either love her or think she is the devil's spawn. Whatever. As I said, I have no opinion one way or the other.

That may have changed today after attempting one of her recipes.
It's official title is Potatoes With Chorizo and Onions. I'm taking the liberty to change that to The Recipe With the Lamest Directions EVER.

I read it through and thought that it looked pretty straightforward. Had all the ingredients on hand and there's nothing better than some smoky, spicy sausage cooked with potatoes and onions. I read the bit about flipping the potatoes and onions so the chorizo was on top and thought that part looked a bit weird. It was.
And virtually impossible.

Everything is loose in the pan, so it doesn't turn neatly, so the chorizo doesn't end up on top. It gets all mixed in and by this time it was nice and crispy and didn't need to cook any more.
Why didn't she just say to take the chorizo out of the pan with a slotted spoon, layer the potatoes and onions, stir them around a bit, then put the chorizo on top before putting the other pan on? I ended up having to pull each little slice of chorizo out, burning my fingers in the process.

Lame, I tell you.

It was delicious though. Creamy potatoes, sweet onions and caramelized bits of chorizo.

P.S. what is the deal with EVOO? Does it take that much longer to say Extra Virgin Olive Oil than Eee Vee Ooo Ooo? Pin It


Anonymous said...

gosh, yet again i lament the fact that my husband does not like potatoes. and they aren't really something i should eat all by myself.

as for EVOO, maybe it's English taking a cue from the French. you know how the French love their acronyms. when i saw EVOO, i totally read it as a word and not as letters.

Anonymous said...

The dumbest part about EVOO is that on her show, she'll say it, then say "That's extra virgin olive oil."

Just frickin' say "Extra Virgin Olive Oil"!

If you weren't sure, I am not a fan of Rachel Ray.

Jennifer said...

how could you live with him???
You could halve or quarter this recipe. It was really good!

I thought EVOO was a word too, then I found out she says each letter. So stupid!

She follows the EVOO by explaining what it is? Really??? How lame!

Yes, just say "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" for heaven's sake!

Anonymous said...

What I've noticed is that she's stopped doing that. She'll say EVOO and I swear, there's a distinct pause where she's fighting the urge to say it.

Figs, Bay, Wine said...

Only Rachel Ray could make extra virgin olive oil sound vulgar. I loathe her. But I do like chorizo with onions and potatoes!

Jennifer said...

How funny! Next time I'm in the States I'll have to try to catch her show.

figs olives wine,
I hear about this EVOO thing a lot, but have never actually heard her say it because I've never seen her new shows. I think it is REALLY bizarre though!

Katie Zeller said...

My question is, as expensive as decent olive oil is in the U.S. why does she insist that one use Extra Virgin to cook with? It really isn't the best for cooking - any cold pressed would be just fine!

Jennifer said...

Good point!!!
I'm sure someone, somewhere has alerted her to this fact.
Or at least you would think so...

wcs said...

Oh, you've done it now. Can't wait for you to "do" Paula Dean.

Jennifer said...

I've never even seen Paula Dean! So, alas, I cannot comment.
From what I hear though, she sounds hilarious!

What do you think of Rachel Ray? I think it is interesting that she seems to be a love her/hate her TV personality. She's not a chef. She's a cook. If people don't like her, then they don't need to watch her.

Anonymous said...

I had to add in on these comments. Anyone who can see through RR is someone who's A-OK in my book. I think part of the reason some HATE Rachel has to do w/ one of 2 things 1)she is not a chef, has no training (and yes, I KNOW she never called herself a chef) in the culinary field and has somehow taken over the Food Network (which basically sucks). 2) Her unbelievably cartoon-like 'personality' is so over-the-top most times (with her cheesy abbreviations and hand gestures, giggles and ways of 'dumbing down' cooking - which is fine and dandy for some, but PLEASE, people also should attempt to become more knowledgeable at the same time! Her celebrity reminds us all of how dumb Americans can be to fall under her annoying SPELL! Sorry, talking about her gets me heated.

I just look at how HUGE she is now and it makes me really irritated because she is NOT good. This whole "she relates well to others" thing makes me feel very, very alone in this world. She does not relate well to me! If you care, I wrote a long post on my blog on this and other irritations the Food Network in general has created for me over the last few years. http://neverfull.wordpress.com/2007/08/23/rachel-ray-maybe-hate-is-a-strong-word/

Thanks for reading (if you're still there!). Oh, and I love your blog and I'm so jealous of your life! Plus, you are able to live a RR-free lifestyle...congrats. That is, in the end, the most important thing ;). Amy @ neverfull.wordpress.com

Jennifer said...

thanks for commenting. I appreciate reading everyone's thoughts!
I agree that the Food Network has gone downhill (based on what little of it I've seen when in the States) and it seems like Rachel Ray's smiling face is everywhere. You can run, but you can't hide! :) She'll eventually lose her appeal and someone else will take her place. Hopefully someone you like!

Kate said...

I had to comment. The EVOO thing always pissed me off, because she would then say what it stood for. She sucks! Also, Paula Deen is freakin' awesome. In my other, more perfect, fantasy life, Paula Deen is my real mother-in-law. Mitch and I play a drinking game to her show. Every time she says "butter" we take a drink. We're always loaded by the end of her show...

Jennifer said...

I can just see the two of you sitting around, drinking to Paula Dean!
I took a look at her on some YouTube clips and she is fricking hysterical! That woman knows how to love life!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. I have that problem with Martha Stewart recipes a lot. I'll read them through, think to myself "they've missed something" then dive in and discover it not too far along and begin swearing profusely.
I think RayRay is a bit annoying, but we're also from the same neck of the woods... very few people do much with their lives up there, so I have to support her. She may be annoying, but she also does some good in the world, getting families back to the table.

Jennifer said...

yes, getting families together during mealtime is very important. If she's helping to do this, then Bravo!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

EVOO bugs the heck out of me too! I have not had a single recipe of RR turn out to taste good.
On the other hand, she did just beat Giada (Everday Italian) on Iron Chef and THAT was GREAT to watch! (Don't like Giada.)

Jennifer said...

They were on Iron Chef? WHY?
They aren't chefs. Was it Iron Chef Light or something?

Cassoulet Cafe said...

It was Iron Chef America and I just found it on youtube for you. I don't know why they had them on there...but Mario and Bobby Flay were their "helpers".
Here is the link:


Jennifer said...

thanks for the link. I'll have to watch it. Still can't get my head around RayRay and Giada on Iron Chef! I've never seen the American version, but used to love the original Japanese show.