October 3, 2007

Quince Liqueur

I've been cooking with quince lately. A little over a month ago I posted a picture of quince growing on a tree and wrote about making quince liqueur. One of my acquaintances in the blogosphere here in France asked for the recipe but I made him wait.
So, here it finally is! Pin It


Robyn Vickers said...

You know Autumn has arrived when the Quince shows it's face. Thanks to everyone posting Quince recipe's. I never know what to do with them. Lovely! Merci!

wcs said...

Thanks, loulou ! It looks really good. Now I've gotta go out and raid our neighbors' quince trees.

Loulou said...

they are such a delicious fruit!

you'll have to let me know how it turns out!

Susan in Italy said...

I love quince so much! I've just finished a batch of quinc jam and quince chutney but your quince and chicken recipe looks fabulous! I'll have to try it.

Carolyn T said...

Loulou - your photograph of the quince is just GORGEOUS. Makes me want to dig out my watercolors and paper to paint it. I have just one recipe using quince (a compote to go with meat) and will have to go find some quince. It's not easy to find any quince in our stores.

Loulou said...

quince chutney sounds fantastic! I was given a bunch of green tomatoes so might be making green tomato chutney.

thank you! I actually took that one. I love photography, so have been working a lot on that lately.
I would love to have the talent to paint watercolors.
Thank you for commenting!

Riana said...

do you have loads of them? we might need to pay you a visit this weekend then... hehehe. i love a good coing when I can find them. i was first introduced to them in portugal. such a lovely red color when you cook them, matching the pomegranates that are ready for picking right now.

Loulou said...

No, sorry, they aren't ours! I bought them at the market for 1€ a kilo! What a deal!
Where are you getting your pomegranates?

Riana Lagarde said...

I steal them off a tree in front of a ruin in Coursan. I need to get some more... but DH is so embarrassed of my gleaning. A teacher friend has a quince tree so I might trade her a pan of brownies for a bag of quince :)

Loulou said...

get some quince! They're so amazing!

We had a pomegranate tree just at the top of our street but they really pruned the heck out of it last year so there are no fruit on it this year.
There are some others in the village that I can usually get one or two off of.

iris said...

Does anyone know if there are the information of the machines for production the quince jiuce,quince jam,or quince jerry?

Loulou said...

Sorry to say that I have no idea but you might find some information of you do a search for it on Google.
Good luck!