October 5, 2007

Photo du Jour

Last night's view of the Canal du Midi from an old stone bridge. Pin It


katiez said...

You DO have bikes, don't you?

Carolyn T said...

Oh, love that picture. Some years ago my husband and I took a barge trip along the Midi, and when we got to that very view, I wished I could say "STOP, we need to stay here all day." Alas, we couldn't, but I wished I could have just stared at that long tree-lined and tree-covered canal for hours and hours. I have a photo of that section, taken from the far end looking toward the bridge. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories.

Loulou said...

Yes, I have a bike. I've never taken it to the Canal for a ride, though. We're several miles away and the hills to get back home are not fun!

I'm glad the picture brought back good memories. It is a beautiful Canal!