October 14, 2007

More French Habits

Ok, so I've written about some French habits I find bizarre.

Now for some that I understand and happily embrace and participate in!

I love the 2-3 hour lunch.

I love the outdoor markets and cafés.

I love the scarves.

I love the cheese course.

I love the way our neighbors all say bonjour and bonsoir when we pass each other on the street.

This list could go on forever.... Pin It


Susan in Italy said...

The cheese course is fun, isn't it? And where you are, it's such a golden opportunity. How long do you think it would take to try all varieties of French cheese?

isabella said...

I agree wholeheartedly and please allow me to add a couple of items:

I love steak tartare (please don't hate me!)

I love your new banner ;-)

Happy Sunday!

Loulou said...

susan, I was just discussing this with a friend yesterday.
I'm finding that many of France's cheeses are regional, therefore not available all over the country. I was at the fromagerie a few weeks ago and realized I had already tried almost everything they had! I'm trying to source small producers now.
We'll see how much longer I can find new cheese!

I'm happy to hear there are those who like steak tartare! :)
Glad you like the new photo. Thank for the nice compliment!

wcs said...

I'm with you on the 2-3 hour lunch, the markets, the cheese course, etc. Maybe not the scarves, but that's just me. ;)

Loulou said...

I'm sure you would look dashing in a scarf.
I love them and seem to have replaced my shoe addiction with a scarf addiction.

Sarah McColl said...

oh, how i love those things too! how can we import the 3 hour lunch to the u.s.?

Loulou said...

You should make Sunday the day for the three hour lunch. Start a new trend! :)

Figs Olives Wine said...

I'm with you! The greeting passersby, the long, civilized lunches, the elegant scarves (I shall wear one today, now that you mention it!)

Loulou said...

It finally got cold enough to wear a scarf? I couldn't believe how hot it was there last week!