October 23, 2007

La Fête du Fromage - Trycorne du Berry

We tasted another fermier cheese from the Berry region this week, Trycorne du Berry, along with a a cheese that we haven't had since the very first Fête du Fromage, Saint-Nectaire.

The Trycorne du Berry is a férmier, raw milk, sheep's cheese from the picturesque Berry region of central France. This was a fabulous and interesting cheese with delicate, grassy and mildly salty flavors. Its texture was creamy and firm in the middle, and oozing around the lightly moldy, edible rind. (see the blue-grey spots on the cheese in the photo above) I thought it was spectacular and would definitely look for this one again!
Drink a glass of Pouilly Fumé alongside.

The Saint-Nectaire Férmier was as good as I remembered. Creamy, buttery, nutty and melts in your mouth!

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Anonymous said...

I am French, I looooove cheese (a little too much for my look ).
I am old enough to presume I had been through all that France has to offer in that domain.
But you totally bowled me over with your "trycorne du Berry". I never heard of it or seen it in my favorite "fromager" !
Can't wait for the next time I'll drive through Berry to buy one !
Thank you so much for your blog, you offer me the opportunity to see my country from a different perspective.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for your kind comment! I am very happy to read that you like my blog.

Hopefully you will find the Trycorne du Berry soon. It was so delicious!