September 19, 2007

More Carte de Séjour Woes

I just want to lay my head down and cry.
This carte de Séjour crap is really pushing me over the edge.

A letter arrived yesterday (exactly one month after the card's expiration date, I might add) from the sous-préfecture stating that they need all sorts of extra papers, more photos, copies of my husband's carte de séjour (which they already have), tax returns for 2005 and 2006 and a livret de famille.
A livret de famille is a family record book. Americans don't have a family record book. And they already have numerous copies of our marriage and birth certificates.



Anonymous said...

You know you have your friends total sympathy.
breathe breathe , IN,,, OUT,,, IN,,, OUT!!

cara said...

yes, i totally sympathize with you. this sort of thing is the single worst thing about living in France. if you're like me, you want to really tell someone off, only you can't do it that well in French and you know it wouldn't do any good.

katiez said...

What can I say but: been there, done that, OMG, I sympathize...

Loulou said...

thanks miche! I have been practicing my breathing so I don't go marching into that bureau des étrangers and strangle someone!

so true!
I just don't understand why they change it on us every year and why it is more difficult when this is our fifth renewal. Strange!

Your woes were (are?) worse. The fact that they issued it after it had already expired is priceless.
Thanks for the sympathy!

Riana said...

Every year, we have the same problems. This year we went in early and she said that we were too early. though last year it took them so long, i got it 6 months after it expired!!!! auuuuuuuuuuugh,i feel your pain.

French for a While said...

Oh boy. I went to the Prefecture in Nice yesterday and got the list of paperwork I must complete to get my proper card. I can tell it's going to be difficult, so here's a pre-emptive AAAAAAAUUUURGH!!!

Loulou said...

I know, you poor thing! I thought you were able to apply for citizenship now?

french for a while,
Good luck and try not to pull your hair out! Make sure you become good friends with the mayor and their secretary. Bring them cookies...

wcs said...

Are you getting the 10 year permit ? Maybe it has to do with your business ?

Hang in there - it'll all happen.

I feel lucky in that we've had nary a problem with any of the five cartes we've gotten. (knocking on wood)

Loulou said...

I'm not sure what the deal is! A ten year card would be great, but there's been no mention of it.
I know that opening and closing the business has definitely made it more difficult.
I turned in all the extra papers yesterday (sans livret de famille) so we'll see what happens....

Sister said...

This is when you say....the french are a fakey french accent and throw in a merde somewhere....

Loulou said...

no sheet!

jojo said...

Think 'tis wonderful how this post of yours generated more responses than any other. The expression "raw nerve" leaps to mind! Recall the exact same frustrations years ago in Paris before they changed the law for EU nationals. Life is sweeter now.

But, we must never ever ever forget who invented the word "bureaucracy" meaning "the rule of offices".

Loulou said...

funny isn't it? :)
Just when we get comfortable and think we've got the system figured out, French bureaucracy comes along and smacks us upside the head and brings us back down to reality!