September 25, 2007

La Fête du Fromage With Gaperon


Gaperon d'Auvergne is bewitching!

Little dome shaped Gaperon d'Auvergne has been produced for over 1200 years in the high plains of south central France. It's name comes from the word ''gap,'' or "gape," the word for buttermilk in the Auvernat dialect, as this cheese was traditionally made with the whey that remained after the butter making. Gaperon is no longer hung and aged by the fire in the farmhouse. Affinage is now done on rye straw in damp cellars, where the white rind takes on a blue grey hue as it matures.
It is made with raw cow's milk that is spiked with cracked peppercorns and local, pink garlic, creating a complex, pronounced and unique flavor. The interior's texture is buttery and creamy, similar to a ripe Brie or Camembert.
We've fallen head over heels with this one!
Gaperon's remarkable, striking flavor would be complimented perfectly by a glass of Côtes du Rhone.

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French for a While said...

As someone who is very new to France (only been here a month), I too have loved experimenting with cheese. I'll look for the Gaperon.

And love the opening photo -- change is good.

French for a While said...

Do you know a webstite where I can find a cheatsheet on how to put all the French accent marks in my blog? My last entry used the word Fete as well, but I don't know how to do it!

Jennifer said...

french for a while,
Gaperon is wonderful! If you like strong cheese that is...

I use to type french accents.

Hope you're settling in well and enjoying being here.

The Late Bloomer said...

Oh now, Loulou, this is a cheese I have GOT to get my hands on! I love certain cheeses, but I haven't strayed away from my favorites (aged comté, cantal, fresh chèvre) in AGES... And I love anything with fresh peppercorns in it (I can never find anything other than a pyrenées like that, but I probably need to look more -- and to me pepper-Boursin doesn't count!) plus the GARLIC?! Seriously, sounds like the PERFECT cheese!

I wonder if the fromagier at my local market might carry it, or perhaps get it in if I request it?! (I'm in la région parisienne) Will have to see...

Jennifer said...

late bloomer,
gaperon's flavor was nothing like pepper boursin. (thank heavens)
You should have no trouble finding it, especially being up there in the midst of "civilization." :)
If you like pepper, you'll love it!

French for a While said...

Thanks loulou

Anonymous said...

Loulou, how did you come to discover this cheese?

It sounds absolutely remarkable!

Jennifer said...

It is readily available in this region and since I'm tasting all of France's cheeses, I bought a little ball of it one day.
You might be able to find some over there. Have a look for it, it is delicious cheese!

Mme said...

This is my absolute favorite, with Basque Brebis a close, close second.