September 16, 2007

Keeping Me Busy This Weekend

Where did the weekend go?
Well, let's see...

Friday morning I awoke to discover that the hours of writing I'd done for Like to Cook all day Thursday had mysteriously disappeared. Gone. HOURS of writing. GONE. The photos were still there, the titles were still there, but all the words were gone.
So I spent all of Friday rewriting the posts. Or trying anyway.

This golden goddess' owners spent the weekend in Barcelona so she was given the task of taking me for walks twice a day. She must have known I needed some exercise.

There was a friend's birthday party Friday night. My husband sang with the band and some drunk guy tried to get me to dance with him. oh joy

Potatoes took up a half of Saturday and grocery shopping, washing the car and lunch with Riana and her family took up the other half.

More writing today and now the day is almost over.
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Géry said...

Nice picture of our dog, thank you LouLou for taking care of her when we are gone

Loulou said...

no problem Géry. She is a wonderful dog!