September 23, 2007

French Cheese

As Slow Food's Cheese event in Italy goes on without me this weekend, (how could they!) I thought I should take some time to reflect upon my cheese tasting adventures over the last five months.

La Fête du Fromage was born April 18 and since then I've tasted 49 cheeses. Well, 50 if you count the Bleu de Chèvre and Chèvre Bleu as different cheeses. They looked and tasted completely different, so I do.

My favorite fromage has to be the heady, earthy and exquisite Banon.

And the most foul tasting, evil cheese has to be the infamous Boulette d'Avesnes. I know there are those out there who love it, but I'll happily steer clear of this one.

I equally love the different qualities of sheep, goat and cow's milk cheeses. They've all impressed me in different ways. Before la Fête I thought that fromage de brebis would be my all around favorite. Not so.

There are some excellent cheese sources out there on the Internet. has been extremely helpful, as has

I plan on continuing with la Fête du Fromage for a while longer. I've yet to taste Epoisses deBourgogne, Saint-Maure de Touraine or Gaperon. And I'm still searching for Brie de Melun and Pouligny-Saint-Pierre.

Are there any French cheeses that you can recommend? Pin It


Riana said...

come on over, i bought the 6 euro epoisses yesterday and a banon on the side, because its just that good. i also got some homemade feta that is dang good and not very salty.

Loulou said...

yum yum yum!!!!
Have you had Langres? Similar to Epoisses I've heard.
Thank you for the invite. Do you think there will be any left later this week or will you have eaten them by then?
I would love the recipe for the feta.