September 9, 2007

Brazilian Evening

Brazilian cuisine was a great idea for our world food evening.

We shared a fabulous meal which included a piquant fish soup, citrus marinated beef, red rice and avocado salad, my Onion Chili Tart, and two desserts, caramelized bananas and an orange flan.
We listened to some wonderful music and dined by candlelight in our friend's courtyard.

The caipirinhas were a huge hit

image is a bit blurry...kind of what happens to your vision after just one of these babies!

my version of the Onion Tart recipe here

Looking forward to next month's dinner! Pin It


My Melange said...


We have a Brazilian/Italian couple that have made caipirinhas for us...WOW! They will knock you on your toosh! My BF makes the best mohito....which is similar. Just came across your blog...and I love it. I'll be back ;)

Loulou said...

thanks for stopping by to say hello!
I love mojitos too. Caipirinhas are much stronger!
When are you heading to Paris?

Riana said...

why was I not invited? I LOVE brazilian food! feijoda and caipirihnas, wooohoo!

Loulou said...

We should have another one and make feijoada (sans ears and snouts) and drink more caipirinhas!