August 25, 2007

Photos du Jour

La Place de la Madeleine in Béziers.

We were in Béziers yesterday for a hair appointment and to drop off some papers, which we accidentally left at home. Merde.

The skies were grey but the temperature was perfect for walking around. I went to my favorite fromagerie in Les Halles to buy cheese for La Fête du Fromage and we had crêpes at La Table Bretonne.

Crêpe Vallé d'Auge: buckwheat crêpe with Camembert, emmental and homemade caramel au beurre salé.

A savory-sweet creation with oozing, melted cheese in a crisp, hearty wrapper. Sublime!
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Riana said...

oh that looks sooooo good! yummmy!

Loulou said...

it was!!!
Nothing like Jean-Pierre's crepes.

Tartelette said...
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Tartelette said...

Looks delicious! Where are you exaclty in the Languedoc region? I took my husband to Carcassone in 2000 aroud Christmas while visiting my brother in Toulouse. He watches the video at least once a month!!

Loulou said...

we live in the Minervois, about 5 minutes from Olonzac, in the middle of vineyards. Carcassonne is a 35 minute drive from here.
Any plans to return to the area?
Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!