August 26, 2007

Photo du Jour

Sound asleep.

He's doing much better. It took two weeks for the new medication to finally work. The screaming has stopped, thank heavens!
We're all sleeping again.
*sigh of relief* Pin It


katiez said...

That's sooo cute!
Glad he's feeling better. It's so awful when they're sick and can't say where it hurts!

mpabner said...

That is great news! Good to see that he is back to being able to nap himself!

mpabner said...
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mpabner said...

Sorry, sw some typos when I pressed publish.....

I was looking back on your blog to see if you had mentioned the name of he new meds that Speck is on. However, I was not able to find it. Just in case Windsor's start failing, what is the name of the meds so that we can discuss with our vet.

Loulou said...

he always burrows under blankets and we think it's pretty cute too!
SO happy he's doing better.

He's now taking Previcox. Was on Rimadyl and it just stopped working one day.