August 6, 2007

Photo du Jour

I didn't realize the camera was set to take black and white photos but think this is beautiful in it's own way. Pin It


French for a While said...

Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I - along with our three kids -- will be moving to France in a couple of weeks (close to Antibes) and we have been reading a bit of your blog to get a feel for what life might be in France. Love reading it!
We've also set up a blog to keep family and friends back in the States informed about our adventures. We've just put up the site ( and we've put your blog under our 'good reading' section.

Loulou said...

welcome (soon) to the neighborhood! Hope you're excited about the life you'll soon be living in France. Antibes is gorgeous and so is the surrounding area.
Look forward to reading about your upcoming move.
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