July 10, 2007

Vide-Grenier and the Village Soirée

My poor, crimson colored shoulders!
The Minervois finally had some sun over the weekend so I spent most of Sunday getting sunburned while trying to sell some wares at a village vide-grenier. The word vide-grenier translates directly as "empty the attic." It is a village wide garage sale or car boot sale where you purchase a stall and try to sell whatever stuff you want to get rid of (and usually end up buying stuff from other people that you really didn't need in the first place and that you'll be trying to get rid of next summer at another vide-grenier.) Anyway...
I shared a stall with some friends which made the day more of a social event than a day trying to make money. A good thing too, as I sold only 10 worth of stuff, spent 4 for the space and bought a set of dishes for 3 €.

So, I made a 3 profit.


But a fun day was had by all. There were pony rides for the little ones.

And a great lunch complete with refreshing Muscat Sec from la Domaine de Blayac.
Our friends live just around the corner so they hauled a table, chairs and an umbrella to the street just behind our stall and we enjoyed lunch al fresco.

That evening was the village soirée, complete with an apéro, four course dinner, wine and the DJ with his light show and crazy mix of disco, Gipsy Kings and French pop music. The meal was actually pretty good this year. Charcuterie, paella, fromage et tarte Normande.

After dinner we GOT DOWN AND BOOGIED!

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